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Here's how to proceed by e-mail:
Copy and paste the text of the petition below, and e-mail it to
cyclingvision.ottawa@gmail.com. Include your address, as it is required to be valid. If you know the name of your municipal councillor, please include it. If you wish, add a comment for more impact.

Text of the Petition:
I strongly support the development of an effective network of cycling lanes, including segregated lanes, and pathways, to make cycling in Ottawa more inclusive of those who prefer or need a degree of separation from motorized traffic. I ask City Council to allocate sufficient funds to the Ottawa Cycling Plan for this purpose.

Postal Code:



We plan to send the petition to the mayor, individual councillors and city officials. We have no commercial purpose and we will keep your information confidential. Cycling Vision Ottawa wants to see a Capital region where more women, seniors, families, cyclists of all stripes are eager to get on their bikes and comfortable riding city streets.

Please Help by Getting More People to Sign

It's urgent to act now or City Hall may drop cycling to the bottom of its funding priorities. Could you e-mail the note below to anyone you think would be willing to join the effort. Thanks in advance.

We'd be delighted if you could help distribute this message further on the Internet, to blogs, mailing lists and web sites you frequent. Share our url address with your friends and other cyclists. Or post some petitions in your workplace or any other good location. You can make a difference!

Paper version: you can download and print a poster with tear-off tabs (pdf file). See below at the very end.

Note to be e-mailed:

Want More Cycling Lanes? Sign the Petition!

If you want more cycling lanes in Ottawa, here's something easy you
can do. Please sign the on-line petition and send this message to
other Ottawans.

The petition is at:

Many of us believe that an effective network of bike lanes, segregated
lanes, and pathways is needed in Ottawa to help current cyclists cycle
more. Better infrastructure could also 'fuel' the latent demand to
lift cycling to a greater role in transportation within the city.

We must convince City councillors it's important to create this
effective network. A good start is a petition. It must have the
support of a great many citizens to have an impact.

It takes less than a minute to take action.

PS: Every e-mail you send has the power to multiply your effort for
more cycling lanes in Ottawa. Please forward this message to your
friends asking them to sign the petition at:

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