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1978 to 2008 Rocky Mountain Bicycles History

2006 Rocky Mountain ETSX 70


Rocky Mountain sells its first aluminium production bike - the "Stratos." It features a 7000 series aluminium frame. Rocky Mountain expands internationally, shipping a total of five bikes to Germany.


Rocky Mountain adopts the slogan "Total Commitment, No Compromise". This sums up their attitude over the years towards building quality bikes. These four words are still repeated on shop floors today.


Sales expand beyond Vancouver bike stores and the first sale is made in Eastern Canada. The line-up for the coming 1985 season features both road and mountain bikes. The mountain bike models include a tandem called the "Cannonball" and classic mountain bikes such as the "Fat City Flyer" and the "Discovery" (where are they now?). Also included that year was the "Blizzard" - still a part of our current line-up.


The Rocky Mountain founders accompany Tom Ritchey to Japan to explore the world of durable components and frame tubing that can be fashioned into a mountain bike. Later that year, they create their first production Rocky Mountain bike - the "Sherpa" - by modifying bike parts. This is Canada's first homegrown wide tire bike.


In order to keep the books straight, another company is started. Rocky Mountain Bicycles Ltd. is incorporated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company is named after the rugged Rocky Mountains that dominate the eastern geography of British Columbia. Grayson Bain is one of the three original owners.


The Vancouver bike store boys want a more durable frame with aggressive geometry. They call Tom Ritchey and begin to import his version of the mountain bike. They modify some components to withstand the harsh trails of the West Coast. At the same time, due to a lack of quality racing bike components available in the market, the bike store boys begin to import European bike parts and frames.


A couple of guys in a Vancouver, BC bike store modify Nishiki road bikes with wide tires, straight bars and thumbshifters with internal 5-speed or external 10-speed gears. This is the first experience with "mountain bikes" for the soon-to-be Rocky Mountain founders.

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