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Winter Mountain Biking and studded ice tires

Ktrak a rear drive track kit for winter mountain biking


Winter Bike riding, studded tires or low air pressure. I find in most conditions that just running lower air pressure works fine especially when training and trying to replicate normal riding without the extra weight of studded ice tires. Running about 20 pounds of air in my front tire or less ( 17.5 ) unless you plan to tackle an uneven or completely ice covered surface then its best to try a production studded tire such as Nokian. For serious ice covered ski hills or ice storms I don't mess around with a 1 or 2 mm studs, that's when its time for some custom sheet metal screw ice tires. A basic tip I like to apply the screws evenly spaced like a bed of nails and try the same pattern as a five of dice. more later on studded tires.

Start with a good quality brand new tire with an evenly spaced tread pattern, keeping in mind the type of condition the studs will be used on such as ice racing only, commuting or factory studded tires. Ice racing tires are really awkward to ride on pavement and best used on pure ice surfaces, if I have to put my life on the line riding on ice or snow in any condition I would trust a 3 quarter inch sheet metal screw over a short factory stud on uneven ice. For commuting on terrain which varies from icy conditions to pavement it is best to use shorter screws such as a half inch. Punch a guide or pilot hole through the tire from the outside making sure to perfectly line up all stud holes and then carefully so as not to damage tire thread screw almost all the way through the the tire casing. The half or three quarter inch sheet metal screws are then cross threaded onto a number eight machine nut until the nut is flush with the tread if possible. The tire below was not my best effort and I really don't like the spacing I would prefer another stud in the middle of the six studs and more profile studs as well. Next step is lining the tire to prevent punctures to the tube.

Studded Ice Tires Winter Mountain Biking
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